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Year 6

Thursday 26th March

First to post Beyond the Door chapters - Ava, Alice and Charlie! Remember to put KCPS in your title as that's the easiest way for us to find them and we really want to read them!

Tuesday 24th March

Monday 23rd March

Today is the first day of learning from home. It will feel strange, different. We are all getting used to it so do what you can and, more importantly, be kind and helpful to everyone at home. If you have any worries, talk to someone. Remember, we are all still part of the KCPS family and we are here to help you. So, you can always ask the adults at home to email us if they have any questions - We are looking at other ways that we can keep in close contact with you in the coming weeks so check in to this page every day for updates.

If you want to quiz on your reading book, you can click on this link to login: and you can check if your books at home have an AR quiz by using


Mrs Gautier and Mr Toombs

Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th March

Skills practice

Although the following materials were designed as practice for the SATs tests, they are still extremely useful for applying knowledge and skills in maths, reading comprehension and English grammar and punctuation. Please dip into them if you want to do some extra learning, in addition to that which is set by us each day.

Grenville House - Thursday 13th

Grenville House - Wednesday 12th

Grenville House - February 2020