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Year 3


Welcome back Year 3,


We have really enjoyed seeing you all back in school and can’t wait to continue our learning this term!


In Year 3, we have two classes: 3M and 3KM. These are taught by Miss Martyn and Miss Mott. We also have four lovely teaching assistants who support us: Ms Rowe, Mrs Smart, Mrs Cooper and Mrs Sweet.


We will be sending you more information about our routines and learning later this week.

Miss Martyn and Miss Mott

Maths- Fractions

We have been investigating fractions during our maths lessons. So far the children have learnt to recognise and identify halves, quarters and thirds. They can explain how many equal parts the whole has been divided into and can use mathematical terminology when reasoning and discussing fractions. 

DT- Sewing

The children are designing and making their own pencil holders this term. They will be required to join their materials using a sewing technique so in preparation, they've been learning and practicing their sewing skills and stitches. They have learnt the tricky skill of threading a needle, tying knots and are becoming more confident at using the running and back stitch. 

Science- Plants

Our science unit this term is Plants- Roots and Shoots. The children are investigating what a plant needs to grow healthy and strong. To investigate this, they planted bean seeds and each group is responsible for investigating one of the six conditions, water, air, soil, warmth, space and light. The children labelled their plants, plenty, some and most, ensuring that each plant receives a different amount of their element. The children will be continuing to observe and measure their plants over the coming weeks and recording their findings. 

This term the children will be developing their throwing, catching and ball manipulation skills through tennis activities. 

Editing Stations

In our Writing lesson today, we worked together to edit and improve our writing. We have been writing information texts about Never Ending Nature (Forest School). We visited different 'stations', focusing on different areas of writing that we wanted to improve in our first draft. We will be writing these up neatly tomorrow. 

PE- Movement skills obstacle course

In PE we combined different movement skills with our dynamic balance skills to create our own obstacle courses. 


Maths- dividing two digit numbers

We have been exploring dividing  2-digit numbers divided by a 1-digit number using base ten. We can divide our tens and ones into equal groups and are now recognising when we need to exchange in our learning. 


English- Everest

In English we are learning a non-fiction text about Mount Everest. We have been immersing ourselves in the key text through text mapping and learning sections of the text by heart using actions to represent the information. 

Maths- Division and multiplication

In maths we are learning to multiply and divide a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number. 
In PE we have been focusing on our cognitive Real PE cog and developing our dynamic balance through various skills based activity stations. 

Computing - Online and offline identities

In our computing lesson today, we thought about what an identity means. We discovered that your identity is all of the ingredients that mix together to make you the unique person you are. We thought about our own real life identity and then created an online avatar that was completely different to ourselves. This helped us to understand how easy it is for people we don't know to portray themselves differently on the internet.

Science - Exploring the Visible Light Spectrum

In Science, we explored the visible light spectrum by looking at light refracted in bubbles and then we made whizzer wheels which showed all seven colours of the spectrum. When we span them really fast, the colours blended together to make a dark-cream colour. Can you name the different colours in the light spectrum?

Our fantastic painting in Art

In Art this week, we have been learning to use watercolour paints to create a wash. We learnt about blending colours and discussed how colours could make us feel.

Online Learning Resources

Home Learning

If your child is absent from school for a long period of time, we will post home learning for you to access at home on here. Please post your child's work to their Seesaw so Miss Martyn or Mrs King can provide feedback. 

Seesaw Permission Letter

Year 3 Homework Expectations



As you know, we set weekly spelling homework for children in Year 3. This homework is given out on a Friday and is expected back in by the following Thursday. Children in Year 3 and 4 also have statutory words that they are expected to know how to spell. If you would like a copy of these words, let us know and we will send one home.  


Times Tables

Children are expected to spend 10 minutes on Times Table Rock Stars three times a week to ensure they are making progress with their rapid recall of the tables. Children should know their log ins, but if your child doesn’t please contact us and we can give you their log in.



Children should also be reading their Accelerated Reader books each night. If your child would also like to read a book that they have at home, as well as their AR book, then that would be great; some books can be quizzed on in school. 


Any further questions or queries on homework expectations, then please do not hesitate to contact Mrs King or Miss Martyn. 

Thank you, 

Year 3 team. 




We got into the festive spirit today by doing some wonderful Christmas crafts! The children made finger painted Christmas cards, lolly pop characters and some origami elves and trees. Keep an eye out for our Christmas songs on Seesaw!

Christmas Dinner and Outrageous Jumpers!

We were so excited today for our Christmas dinner and jumper day! We wore some spectacular Christmas outfits and loved getting in the festive spirit! Year 3 are so grateful to the PTFA for our crackers, reindeer food and candy canes!

Dressed for Christmas fun on Friday!

3W having fun making their spaghetti and marshmallow towers

3W are very excited to be back at school!