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Year 1

Hello everyone, please keep looking at this page for ideas about what you could do at home during the period of time the school is closed. If you are having any problems accessing the online reading, maths or following any links we post on this page please could you email  during school opening hours with the subject heading 'A message for year 1 teachers' and we will try our best to help you. (If it is a common issue please co-ordinate so only one person emails on behalf of the group.)

Thank you for your support and patience as we do our best to provide you with some online learning ideas. Mrs Baptiste, Mrs Trembath & Mrs King.

Hi everyone, 

I must apologise that I gave the wrong username for phonics play which is why some of you are having trouble logging on.

It is march20 NOT march2020. The password is home


Hello again, 

Some of you are having problems getting to the right login page for the online reading, please click on this link and it should take you to the correct page.

For those of you who were able to read the books but were having trouble quizzing on tablets, the online support suggests you click on this link to run a systems check to ensure your devices are compatible with their resources.  

If you are still having trouble quizzing then don’t worry, the most important part of reading is enjoying the books together and each book has some suggested questions you could use to discuss the book with your child. You can then move the book over to your ‘books I have read’ section by clicking the finished button and we will assign you a new book. I hope this helps! Keep having fun reading!

Hi everyone, we have had some feedback about trouble printing or reading the documents on some devices. To  try and address this we have changed the font and saved as pdfs as well. Please let us know if this helps. Also, we understand that if you have more than one child you may not get through all the work each day. Please do not worry about this, we are leaving work suggestions regularly for you to take ideas from, so feel free to choose which ones you use; there is no pressure of expectation from us. We hope you are all keeping well. From the Year 1 team.