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Who's Who

Executive Head Teacher:

Mrs T Coulthard

Head of School & Safeguarding Officer:

Mr G Howells 

Acting Deputy Head of School:

Mrs S Gautier                                Miss K Kerr-Brown


Mrs K Zillah-Dudley



Class Teachers:


Year 6

Mrs S Gautier

Mr N Rogers

Mrs C Park

Year 5

Mr D Toombs

Miss M Lamb


Year 4

Mr C Harrison

Mr S Kemp


Year 3

Miss M Martyn

Miss S Way


Year 2

Miss K Kerr-Brown

Miss R Weissmandl

Mrs C Trembath

  Year 1

Mr P Dixon

Miss J Clemence



Miss C Sullivan

Mrs S King

Mrs V Rundle





Whole School Role:

Mrs R Blake

Mrs H Lowcock

Mrs J King


Mrs R Mahood



Teaching Assistants:




Mrs L Mitchelmore

Mrs A Sweet

Mrs L Ford

Ms A Smart

Mrs D Marsh

Mrs P Dornom

Mrs K Cooper

Mrs G Knight

Mrs B Woodland

Mrs J Dutton

Ms J Bailey


Mrs C Charlton

Miss J Gullett

Mrs S Horne


Mrs L Watts

Miss A Prowse

Mrs K Young







Federation Business Manager:

Mrs P Amos







Mrs L Taylor

Mrs A Spearing


Administrative Assistant:

Mrs T Teague







Mealtime Assistants:




Mrs T Teague

Mrs J Ellis

Miss L Reed

Mrs J Dutton

Mrs E Kormosoi-Tee

Mrs G Head

Mrs S Horne

Mrs K Weeks

Miss L Cohen

Mrs L Heath

Miss A Prowse

Mrs H Andrews

Mrs L Dustan

Miss A Smart







Library Assistant:

Mrs H Moore








Mr R Mitchelmore



Mrs J Ellis

Mr D Chandler





Devon Direct Services/Norse:



Catering Supervisor:

Mrs H Thuel



Catering Staff:

Mrs H Crook

Mrs E Sperring