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Thank you to those parents who have passed on to us your thoughts on what good  Science at school looks like.

This is the final version of our 'Principles of Science' which reflects the views of children, parents and staff.

Kingsbridge Community Primary School

Principles of Science



The children, staff, parents and governors think Science in our school is good when…

  • Everyone feels confident, inspired and excited to discover new things together.
  • Children’s interests raise questions that lead the learning.
  • We are challenged to ‘think and do’ to investigate real answers to mysteries.
  • We feel it is alright to make mistakes because we learn from them.
  • We work together as a team.
  • We learn outside and inside.
  • We can see how the Science links to other learning.
  • We discuss what we have learnt and go on talking afterwards about what we’ve been doing.
  • We can use what we’ve learnt and know what we want to learn next.


We expect to find some of these every time Science happens:

  • children inspired and excited to discover
  • children’s questions
  • challenge to investigate
  • learning from mistakes
  • working as a team
  • outside and inside links
  • discussing
  • using learning