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Our vision – A school that cares and champions all children to succeed

We are an inclusive Community School. Everything we do is driven by our values, we care:


  • Our school is at the centre of our community; we aim to provide a high-quality education for all children within it
  • We aim to teach all children how to become positive and productive world citizens
  • We listen to and support children and their families


  • We have developed an irresistible, ambitious and bespoke curriculum for all children to learn
  • We have high expectations of all of our adults and children
  • Our pledge gives all children the right to experience a wide range of culture and learning experiences within and alongside our curriculum to support and enrich their learning


  • All members of the school community are valued and respected
  • We treat children as individuals and strive to provide all with our very best
  • We are a Rights Respecting School; we aim to educate children about; how they should be treated, how they should treat others and the role they have to play within society


  • We strive to provide all children with the opportunities they need to excel
  • Our resources are carefully targeted to ensure that everyone can experience the magical moments of childhood
  • We support and provide training for all our adults