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Sunday - Our School Dog

This is Sunday, she is an 8 year old whippet.  By introducing her to our school we aim to have a pet that the children can interact with, benefiting their social and emotional development.

Research indicates that interaction with a fury friend can benefit children both educationally and emotionally, increasing their understanding of responsibility and develop empathy and nurturing skills. By having a dog in school we want to encourage children who are less confident with learning to have a friendly audience and to look forward to a challenge. Having a dog in school can encourage reluctant children to come to school, reduce blood pressure, promote greater self-esteem and well-being, stimulate memory, improve acceptance from others and lift moods. For some children, a dog will be a special friend, helping them to relax and have fun, for others, time spent with a dog will be a reward for excellent effort with a difficult challenge. If you see her around, please come over and say hello.


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