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Year 3

Making Roman clay pots

Year 3 Celts and Romans at Blackdown Rings

A Celt came to visit us

Trip to Kents Cavern

In Science we have been looking closely at rocks and soils

We tested rocks; to see if some are harder than others and to find out which are permeable and which are impermeable (waterproof).

We used sieves to find out how the size of particles in sandy, clay, chalky and loam soil differs. Then we investigated which soil drains best.

Welcome to Year 3!

Welcome to Year 3! 1 3K
Welcome to Year 3! 2 3DA

We had a great day in Never Ending Nature with Forest and Beach. 

We lit fires, built dens, searched for bugs and much more!

Year 3 enjoyed our Hindu Workshop. We retold stories, dressed in traditional clothes, danced, and learnt so much! Thank you to the PTFA who funded this special day. 

Year 3 got hot and sweaty when Superschools came to visit!

In 3DA we are loving learning how to play the violin!

3K and 3DA perform at a Violin concert held at KCC

Science this term saw us investigating 'Can you feel the force?' and 'Light Fantastic'