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Year 3

3K Sports day 2017

3K Sports day 2017 1 First activity - bean bag throw
3K Sports day 2017 2 Getting to be ever more accurate
3K Sports day 2017 3 Bean bag throw targets weren't really so far away
3K Sports day 2017 4 Skillful bowlers at the cricket stumps
3K Sports day 2017 5 Keep on trying to improve your accuracy
3K Sports day 2017 6 Practice makes perfect.
3K Sports day 2017 7 Wicket keepers
3K Sports day 2017 8 More Wicket keepers
3K Sports day 2017 9 More cricket bowling
3K Sports day 2017 10 Nearly time to stop
3K Sports day 2017 11 How quickly can you jump?
3K Sports day 2017 12 Bend those knees!
3K Sports day 2017 13 Speed jumping
3K Sports day 2017 14 Skillful control of the hockey ball.
3K Sports day 2017 15 Keep going
3K Sports day 2017 16 Nearly there
3K Sports day 2017 17 Keep the ball close
3K Sports day 2017 18 On the home stretch
3K Sports day 2017 19 Long jump
3K Sports day 2017 20 Take 4 great strides...
3K Sports day 2017 21 ...then JUMP
3K Sports day 2017 22 What a leap!
3K Sports day 2017 23 They never stop trying
3K Sports day 2017 24 Still some energy left.
3K Sports day 2017 25 The chest push
3K Sports day 2017 26 A good hand position helps
3K Sports day 2017 27 You won't believe how heavy these balls were
3K Sports day 2017 28 Tremendous effort
3K Sports day 2017 29 Discuss throw
3K Sports day 2017 30 Put your whole body into it
3K Sports day 2017 31 See how far they go
3K Sports day 2017 32 Its all in the stance
3K Sports day 2017 33 Year 3 girls sprint
3K Sports day 2017 34 Year 3 boys sprint
3K Sports day 2017 35 Waiting for the start of the Year 3 relay
3K Sports day 2017 36 See how they fly.
3K Sports day 2017 37 Ready to take the baton
3K Sports day 2017 38 Aiming for a smooth handover.
3K Sports day 2017 39 Enjoying every minute
3K Sports day 2017 40 Our turn now

Our Summer term Science topic is Staying Alive

First we looked at plants.

We drew some of the plants outside our classroom,

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Then we began to look at animals and we investigated what snails like best to eat!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Visit to Kents cavern

Visit to Kents cavern 1 Rock was all around us
Visit to Kents cavern 2 It was dark, even with electrical lighting
Visit to Kents cavern 3
Visit to Kents cavern 4
Visit to Kents cavern 5 We went deeper and deeper into the caves.
Visit to Kents cavern 6 It was narrow in places
Visit to Kents cavern 7 Amazing rock formations
Visit to Kents cavern 8 The guide was impressed by the questions we asked.
Visit to Kents cavern 9
Visit to Kents cavern 10 It was sunny enough to picnic outside.
Visit to Kents cavern 11 We tried being archaeologists
Visit to Kents cavern 12 Hunting for clues about life in the stone age.
Visit to Kents cavern 13 Stone age shelter if there wasn't a cave nearby.
Visit to Kents cavern 14 We met some strangely familiar characters.
Visit to Kents cavern 15 Some were quite terrifying!
Visit to Kents cavern 16 We examined artefacts - elk hide
Visit to Kents cavern 17 A necklace made from stones and animal gut.
Visit to Kents cavern 18 A flint axe head

Stones and soil rock!

During this topic we have been rock detectives. We investigated where and why rock is used. We know where rock comes from and how different kinds are made.  We have been fascinated by the way fossils are formed. We can identify various properties of rocks and understand how these gives rise to different types of soil. Finally, we went to get close up to some very impressive rock at Kents cavern.

Rock detectives

Rock detectives 1 Where and why is stone used?
Rock detectives 2
Rock detectives 3
Rock detectives 4 Are some rocks harder than others?
Rock detectives 5
Rock detectives 6
Rock detectives 7 Are some rocks more permeable?
Rock detectives 8
Rock detectives 9 Are all soils the same?
Rock detectives 10
Rock detectives 11
Rock detectives 12
Rock detectives 13 Which soil drains best?
Rock detectives 14
Rock detectives 15

Spring term 2017

This term has seen so much super Science learning in Year 3 - starting with a spectacular science week.

Science week energy experts

Science week energy experts 1 Where will wind energy take it?
Science week energy experts 2 What can wind energy do?
Science week energy experts 3 Air cannon wind energy in 3DR
Science week energy experts 4 Air cannon wind energy in 3K
Science week energy experts 5 3K wind power
Science week energy experts 6 Static electricity energy
Science week energy experts 7 Static electricity fun
Science week energy experts 8 Using energy to spin colours
Science week energy experts 9 Making CD racers
Science week energy experts 10 CD racers really go

Year 3 are getting to grips with Forces in their Science learning

Welcome to our new year 3 classes

Welcome to our new year 3 classes 1
Welcome to our new year 3 classes 2