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Visions and Values

Be the best that you can be.


Kingsbridge Community Primary School is a place where every child enjoys childhood and is the happiest and best that they can be in everything they do.


We have six qualities that we encourage and recognise as qualities that all of us will need in order for us to be the best that we can be.  We expect that all members of our school community will embrace these qualities.


Positive  Have resilience.
  Enjoy challenge in order to achieve your best.
  Accept failure as a step to learning.
  Be optimistic.
  Develop self-belief as the first step to achievement.
  Smile and enjoy yourself.
Respectful  Take care of our school – everyone and everything in it.
  Understand that not everyone believes the same as you and respect their views.
  Embrace opportunities to find out about other people.
Willing     Try new things.
  Help others without being asked.
  Be ready to learn.
Polite    Behave in a way that makes our school the best that it can be.
  Treat others well.
Caring Be kind and look after others.
  Make the best choices.
Honest     You don’t have to keep things secret, someone can help you.
  Are you being the best friend, learner, classmate, colleague that you can be?
  Tell the truth – it helps!


At the time of writing, children are re-evaluating the meaning of these qualities, discussing what they mean and what impact they could have.