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Spring Concert - April 2019

Spring Concert - April 2019 1
Spring Concert - April 2019 2
Spring Concert - April 2019 3
Spring Concert - April 2019 4
Spring Concert - April 2019 5
Spring Concert - April 2019 6
Spring Concert - April 2019 7
Spring Concert - April 2019 8
Spring Concert - April 2019 9
Spring Concert - April 2019 10
Spring Concert - April 2019 11
Spring Concert - April 2019 12

Science fair June 2018

Children from Years 1 - 6 enjoyed a busy morning, on Thursday June 28th, showing the rest of the school what they had been investigating for our first ever Science fair.

Year 2 needed help to find the most absorbent material to use for a nappy for the baby alien. We tested cotton wool, a piece of towel, thin fabric, baking paper and tissue. Which one do you think was the best? Most of the children thought it was the towel!

Year 3 investigated how they could help farmers in Nepal. These farmers grow tomatoes high up in the mountains where the soil is good, but need to get them down to markets at the bottom to sell them. The children designed and built transport systems to save the farmers a 3 hour walk carrying the tomatoes down steep and dangerous paths.

Year 6 created their own animals adapted to suit different habitats, such as desert, polar and marine environments. They also investigated fossils and tried to recreate the original animals. They enjoyed sharing their learning with children from other classes.

Year 4 Luscombe Maye Picture Competion

Year 5 - Accelerated Reader Millionaires

Christmas Lunch 2017

Indoor Athletics - the team were brilliant!

Apple Pressing October 2017

Children In Need 2017

Hindu Workshop - Year 3 had a wonderful day taking part in a Hindu workshop. Thank you to the PTFA for funding this exciting learning experience!

The Park Family - Trip to Africa Summer 2017

The Park Family - Trip to Africa Summer 2017 1

The Park Family had a trip to Africa this Summer - please see their story below.


Here are photos of children from different year groups working and playing together.

Kingsbridge Area Kwik Cricket Competition

Summer Time!

Gardening Time